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Web development, mobile app development and database development are about the most fun I could have as a developer. Over the years I’ve worked on over 100 projects, each one with its own trial and tribulations. Sites like; Stack Overflow, VBCode, Experts Exchange and such were my best friends and without them I wouldn’t have completed half as many projects.

However,¬†having set that, I haven’t really given a great deal to the development community, only taken. And that’s why this website has been setup; to hopefully give something back to the development community.

Sitting and answering questions on Stack Overflow or Experts Exchange is all well and good, but after answering a question, there will always be another person asking the same question. This website will be a repository for most of my knowledge, a central location for tools that I use for development.

You can download the latest copy of my CV here: download

My latest projects are on GitHub: githubcom/thatcoderguy